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Welcome to Athlaochra ("ahh-lay-oh-chra")

Athlaochra (Gaelic for Veterans) is a guild dedicated to exploring and experiencing all that Dark Age of Camelot has to offer.  We are a mature fun-loving guild looking for people who simply want to enjoy all aspects of the game in a friendly, leisurely environment.


Dark Age of Camelot is an extremely large game, with a lot of areas that are seldom visited anymore.  Athlaochra encourages our members to explore the realms and (re)discover some of those old areas, quests, and critters that have been long forgotten due to expansions with new "must have" loot.  This isn't to say we don't take advantage of the newer content as well, merely that we don't obsess over it to the exclusion of just exploring and having fun.

Realm Wars

We recognize that not everyone is excited by RvR, just as not everyone cares for PvE.  For those that enjoy RvR, we do try to make sure all our members are as well-prepared for the realm wars as possible.  While we do intend to maintain a Frontiers presence, at this time Athlaochra is primarily a Battleground guild.  As our membership grows and we re-establish more 50s, we will probably see more of a shift to the Frontiers.  However, we do not and will not pressure members to participate in RvR, and certainly not the endgame.  There's room for everyone and every playstyle, be it PvE, BG, or NF.


All members are encouraged to learn to craft!  While it certainly isn't a requirement (nobody could be that evil!), anyone who wishes to learn a craft will get as much help as the guild can muster, both in terms of supplies, coin, and moral support.  Those who participate in RvR are definitely encouraged to at least get 50 ranks of woodworking for basic keep/tower repairs, if nothing else.
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We're Back!

Nerfmeh, May 12, 11 4:49 AM.
Athlaochra is back and we are looking to grow!  
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Athlaochra is currently recruiting players of all classes and levels. Find our info on our guild website, or ask a member in game!
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